Home CCTV Cameras for Your Home

Everybody wants to install security systems in their home at a reasonable price. Not everyone can afford to hire private guards and in some cases, these guards may be wolves disguised in sheep clothing because they may steal from you once they know how everything in your home works. There comes a need therefore to monitor the comings and goings inside your house and with the various technological advances in the last few years home CCTV cameras can prove to be very helpful in this department. This abbreviation stands for closed circuit television. It differs from regular TV because the signal is not openly broadcasted.

The first type of CCTV video recorders that were commercially available were low definition black and white systems where nothing could really be seen clearly. As a result they were not really suitable for surveillance in the houses but fortunately times have changed since then.

Recent CCTV video recorders have high definition cameras installed in them. These video recorders allow focusing to resolve the picture quality and detail. They can also be controlled by a computer, which means they can track someone almost automatically. Video content analysis is the name given to this type of technology and it is being developed even further by various technology giants around the world. This technology can detect whether an object in the video recorders crosshairs is a moving object, a walking person or even someone who is crawling. It may also decipher the colour of the object. This makes these modern cameras suitable for home security.

Some companies claim to have security systems that can identify someone’s age by evaluating the picture captured on camera of him or her. This will make it easier to mount a profile of a burglar for police officers. Others claim to be able to actually identify a person using biometrics.

This new technology goes even further because it is possible to search for certain things within a video. An example of this scenario would be if one camera picks up a burglar driving a red vehicle, the system will have the capabilities to search for red cars and provide a timeline of when there are red cars visible in the CCTV camera footage. This can be useful in tracking where a criminal has been.

There is the problem of having someone who monitors the cameras all the time. This problem is currently in the process of being resolved because computerised monitoring of cameras is being developed. These systems look for particular types of body movement and do not necessarily observe people directly.

CCTV video recorders can be installed at a reasonable cost to supplement an effective home security system. Instead of having to hire only security guards who must be paid every month, who could sleep on the job while your house gets robbed or could even rob you themselves, cameras can be installed to keep an eye on the guards themselves. To make sure that they are doing their jobs and to help identify any burglar that may try to break into your home. This technology is now so advanced that it is possible for you to get a live feed from the CCTV cameras of whatever is happening at your house when you are on holiday or even at work.

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