Honeywell G2 Wireless Alarm

Security is a big issue nowadays and most people are concerned about protecting their family and business. There are effective security and safety measures you can take to ensure that your home or business is protected. One such measure is the use of security alarm. There are many different alarm systems available on the market but all alarm systems are not created equal. Each security alarm system has its own features, and there are some security alarm devices that stand out from the crowd due to their top quality and performance. One of these security systems is the Honeywell G2 wireless alarm.

Honeywell G2 wireless alarm, built on Galaxy technology, is suited for both residential and small to medium size businesses. This alarm system features Ethernet IP compatibility and access control facility. It is a reliable, cost-effective alarm system with advanced functionality that provides security solutions to home owners and business owners. It is user-friendly and installers and end-users find it easy to install and to operate.

The bi-directional functionality is a key feature of the G2 control panel, and is transmitted via an RF portal and through Honeywell’s Alpha radio protocol. The transmitter delivers a message on one channel, and changes to a listen mode. Unless it receives an acknowledgement from the radio within a specified time period, it will not repeat the procedure. If it does not, it will repeat it until it does. The radio transmitter will then activate the alarm but if it receives a response that there is no intrusion, it won’t activate the alarm.

This alarm system features a radio control fob, which displays system status remotely. Security professionals and site managers can significantly benefit from the fob. They can use this feature of the alarm system to remotely set and unset the system. It is easy to use, and it’s also easy to change the batteries. There is a light emitting diode that illuminates indicating low power. The installer can perform remote maintenance checks through the Access Remote Servicing software, and this saves time and money.

Another benefit of the G2 alarm is that it allows the use of wireless technology for installation in locations or areas that would not be appropriate for wired connections. The G2 series is also made to be more compact than its predecessor, and fit perfectly into small spaces like cupboards.

The control panel of the G2 wireless alarm functions as a dual model. In addition to its intruder detection capability, it is also programmed to offer an access control facility. The access control card reader, the MAX reader, plugs into the control panel, allowing the alarm system’s set and unset features to be operated from the door itself. The European markets find welcome this functionality because Europe has high demand for restricted access systems.

Another key feature of the G2 alarm system is that it is its compatibility with an existing IP network or Ethernet. This benefits businesses since they do not need to spend money on telecoms solution which can be very expensive and they do not need to worry about how their control panel will work when connected to the network. Because of this, the G2 Series is considered to be a cost-effective and hassle free alarm system.

If a phone line gets cut during a break-in, this alarm system will alert the police about the problem. The G2 Series has a built in SIM card that transmits a GSM signal to the law enforcement or authorities when a problem occurs. This failsafe feature of the G2 wireless alarm provides extra confidence and peace of mind to the user.

The G2 series can be programmed to operate with as many as three independent subsystems. Its programmable keypads can also be used where it is necessary to split system operation, such as in apartment blocks or flats. This makes it more convenient for operate and reduces costs for the user.

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