How 2017 Brought Incredible Home Security to Everyone

The Internet of things is the catchphrase of the 21st century and there’s hardly any industry that has remained unaffected by it. Similar to the way internet has slowly tiptoed out of the virtual world and has stepped into our real life, it has also been successful in establishing its stronghold in our home and office security.


Prior to the intervention of internet, home security has been strictly limited and dependent on technology and its efficiency, and has remained largely successful in keeping the lawbreakers at bay. However, with the active participation of internet today, it has not only made it much more difficult for the felons to breach security but has also heightened their chances of getting caught. Moreover, thieves form the outside were always easy to catch; it is often the insiders and people we know who end up being the biggest connivers. It is only now that internet, technology, and services like Eagle security solutions have made their work nearly impossible for them.


Let’s discover how 2017 has brought us an improved and incredible security platform:


Prices are lower:

Security and safety is not only for affluent people, everyone deserves to have an equal chance and opportunity at it. Fortunately, the surveillance gear and burglar alarms are much more affordable today and are not only limited to the houses of the rich and famous.


A Better Control Over Home:

Prior to the use of internet in home security, the owners had to trust their entire house with the security system installed. Whatever happens, will only be brought to the awareness of the owners once they are back at home. But today, the internet allows the property owners to know and see exactly what is happening in their home behind their back, even if they are in another continent. This provides better home control by allowing quick actions.


Cameras Are Always Of High Quality:

All the citizens of the world know that cheaper products automatically translate into inferior quality and expensive ones means high-end. But today all the cameras available at providers like Eagle security solutions are of high standards. Even the cheapest ones offer all features and good picture quality.


Cameras with an Ear:

Over the years, how many surveillance videos have we watched wishing so badly that it had sound so we can listen to what is being said? Today, the CCTV cameras come with a mic that allows the owners on the other parts of the world to see and listen to what is being said behind their back.


Catching The Thieves, Red Handed:

Watching and listening to everything happening in your home is one thing but actually doing something at the exact moment to catch the thieves on spot is definitely the highlight of internet technologies. Smart cameras can send signals to the authorities right on time.
Now all we need to do is contact a service provider, buy and get installed what we need and enjoy the best of what the internet of things has to offer to us.

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