How Carbon Monoxide Detectors Save Lives

Carbon Monoxide Alarm
Carbon monoxide is a powerful gas capable of taking human lives by causing an immediate oxygen deficiency. It is a tasteless and odorless gas that is difficult to detect. It is usually emitted from electric or gas heaters. It is necessary to keep the heater turned off during sleep and keep windows open, gas allowing the gas to pass, in order to save precious lives. Carbon monoxide detectors and alarms are installed at homes to detect its presence in time.


Sources of CO:

Carbon monoxide is a deadly gas that can be emitted from various sources. It can arise from natural gas stoves, fireplace, heaters, closed garages, water heaters, furnaces and generators. If there are no proper ventilation ways, it will accumulate inside the house and will overcome oxygen that is essential for breathing. CO detectors can be placed near such resources. Moreover, an alarm should also be installed with a shrill sound to ensure that people can easily hear it in case of a potential threat.


Types of Detectors:

Carbon monoxide detectors are classified into different types on the basis of the sensors used:

  • Electrochemical Sensor:
    It contains electrodes that are immersed in a chemical solution. When carbon monoxide comes into contact with the solution, a current is generated. This current causes the alarm to ring and transmits a warning sign to people.
  • Biomimetic Sensor:
    This sensor is based on color recognition. A gel is present in a special system that changes its color on coming in contact with CO. The sensor detects the change in color and forces the alarm to ring.
  • Metal Oxide Semiconductor:
    It contains a silica chip. When the chip circuit detects carbon monoxide, the electrical resistance is decreased. This change is quickly detected and the alarm starts ringing immediately.

Benefits of CO Detectors:

Following benefits can be achieved by installing a CO detector at home:

  • Life Saving:
    It is a life saving device that efficiently helps in detecting the presence of CO in air. CO is a dangerous gas that can lead to severe health issues and even casualties. It is a reliable system that timely notifies about excessive carbon monoxide in air. This way, it allows people to take precautions and attempt to clear air before it leads to worse results.
  • Cost Effective:
    CO detector is a cost effective tool that is commonly used at homes these days. It is built with low cost components. Certain models can be high in cost, but their advanced benefits more than make up for the expense. It is a recommended solution for ensuring the safety of all family members.
  • Easy Installation and Maintenance:
    Carbon monoxide detector does not consist of a complex structure, due to which it can be installed anywhere with ease. Nowadays, many people prefer to install it themselves due to flexibility. The services of expert professionals can be acquired to seek guidance on suitable places to install the device. Regular maintenance is an easy task but it is necessary. It ensures that the device is free from errors and can accurately point out the presence of CO.

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