How Does ADT Home Security Stack Up Against Competitors?

Because keeping your family safe is a paramount priority, installing a home security system should follow closely. Choosing an award winning provider, such as ADT home security is a natural choice for most families. Nowadays, it’s clear that installing a security system is a vital component of ensuring the safety of your family. But, there are two vital factors to consider when choosing a provider. And below, we’ll cover the five factors to take into account when doing so.

Reliability is Essential. As a consumer in the current times, you have a wealth of information at your fingertips – courtesy of the internet. Use technology to your advantage by searching for reviews written by customers who will give you a detailed view of how the provider has made them feel safer, or in an unfortunate circumstance, failed to protect them.

Reviews that have been written by real consumers can be found within online forums, social networking sites and dedicated review websites. But, the true goldmine of unbiased reviews is often located on the company’s Facebook fan page. Customers often post their praises and complaints on the fan page wall. Unbiased reviews are certainly an efficient method of finding out what a company’s particular strengths and potential weaknesses may be as the company is unable to censor negative feedback.

Value-Added Features – When it comes to discerning which home security provider is best for you, it boils down to what the provider can offer you. Clearly, you’d like home alarm monitoring, but there are several other necessary factors to take into account. For example, ADT offers alarm monitoring in addition to an easy-to-use LCD keypad which comes equipped with a touchpad and built-in proximity reader. As well as wireless door and window sensors, motion detectors, window stickers and yard signage to deter potential predators. But quite possibly the most important feature is a 24-hour built-in backup battery in the case of cut phone lines or power outages.

Not all systems are built equally, and no two providers operate their monitoring services in the same fashion. Therefore, it’s necessary to not rush the decision making process. One company may have a longer response time than another. Or, a vital factor to ensuring your family’s safety, such as a backup battery in case your power lines are cut in the event of a burglary or home invasion.

In the end, your decision should boil down to effectiveness, the features offered by the system you choose and the reputability of the company. Whether you choose to employ ADT home security which you’re confident can, and will, keep your family safe in a worst case scenario or a different home security provider with some notable strengths and positive feedbacks, the decision is yours.

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