How Often Should You Test Your Security System?

Using Security System
Installing a security system is extremely important to protect your home from intruders.

However, most people forget the security system after installing it. It’s not a safe practice, since the system may stop working if you overlook its maintenance. You can make the most of an advanced security system by testing it on a regular basis.


When You Should Test a Security System

Home security systems including CCTV camera, door entry system, CO detector, and fire alarm must be tested regularly to ensure they’re working properly. Every security system has varying maintenance requirements and you can determine the testing requirements by carefully reading the instructions on the product manual.


If you’ve hired professional services for maintenance of the system, you won’t need to perform the testing on your own. The professional workers will visit your home regularly as per the terms of the contract and test the security system in an efficient manner.


Let’s take a look at the situations when it’s a must to test your home security system:

  • After installing a new security system
  • After renovating your home
  • After making major changes in the internet service
  • After replacing electrical wiring at your home
  • After a natural disaster, such as a storm or heavy rainfall

How to Test Your Home Security System

It’s best to sign a monthly or yearly contract with professional security team to keep an eye on your security systems. However, you should also know about the steps of testing the systems. Here’s how you can efficiently test a security system:


Door Entry System

In order to get access to your home, you’ll need to enter the pre-specified password. In order to check whether the system will alert you of unauthorized visitors, you should enter the wrong entry code. If the system sounds an alarm and doesn’t allow you to enter the indoor space, it means the system is in optimal condition.


Security Camera

CCTV cameras inside your home as well as in the outdoor premises are prone to physical damages. You should carefully check the body of the security camera to make sure they’re in good shape. Also, check the recordings of the security camera on a monitoring system. If the camera show high quality images and videos in real-time, it depicts you don’t need to worry about the maintenance of your CCTV cameras.


Security Alarms

Burglar alarm, fire alarm, smoke alarm, and carbon monoxide alarm need regular testing to protect your house and your possessions. Make sure the alarms have a stable power source so that they don’t stop working all of a sudden.


Close the main gate and turn on all detectors and alarms in your house. If you’re testing burglar alarm, try to breach the security code to check whether or not the alarm rings. Similarly, check the other security alarms too for your own good.


To be precise, security systems can protect you as long as you pay attention to their regular maintenance. This way, the systems will continue to protect you from potential threats for long.

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