How to Detect Hidden Surveillance Cameras with Your Smartphone

Detect Hidden Surveillance Cameras

Installing surveillance cameras is a reliable way of protecting a space from intruders. However, what if someone installs a hidden camera in your home, office or hotel room to spy on your activities?

Spy cameras are available in a variety of designs and shapes, making it difficult to detect their presence. They affect your privacy and create security threats by allowing unauthorized people to monitor your actions in real-time. In order to detect the presence of a hidden camera, you can use your smartphone.


How to Get Rid of Spy Cameras

Hidden spy cameras are a severe threat to your security. They provide detailed insight of your daily routine to intruders, allowing them to attack easily. Furthermore, they may capture inappropriate videos and later blackmail you with the help of video recordings. Here are some tips to help you detect spy cameras and reduce the risk of such offenses:


Look Around

Take a closer look at the spaces where intruders are likely to hide spy cameras. Carefully go through every item present in your room to ensure you’re safe. If you find any item out of place or notice a new object, it’s likely that someone may have installed a spying object.

Wireless cameras are safe to use, since they’re more difficult to detect. However, their battery may run out soon. Therefore, some intruders still prefer to use wired cameras. Look out for wires underneath the carpets and scan walls for any hidden network of wires.


Use Your Smartphone

If someone has installed a spy camera or other spying objects in your room, they may have connected it to your Wi-Fi router so that the device can transmit the recorded data. So, log in to your Wi-Fi network via your smartphone and go through the list of devices. If any unrecognized device is connected, it may indicate that there’s a hidden camera somewhere. Disconnect the device immediately so that it cannot transmit data anymore.
Place a phone call and then move around the entire place where you suspect the presence of a spy camera. If there is any device that emits signals, your phone will make buzzing noises due to the interference in the electromagnetic field.

There are many mobile apps available in digital stores that you can easily download and install on your mobile set. Use these apps to locate any hidden cameras. Run these apps when you’re at your home, office, hotel room, or changing room of a shopping mall to know whether you’re being watched.

You can use your mobile phone or a handheld detection device to locate the lens of a hidden camera. When the light from your mobile device strikes on the surface of lens, it reflects and creates bright dots. When you notice such reflections, it’s relatively easier to further investigate and check the space for a spy camera.

If you’re able to locate a spy camera, contact local police at the earliest. Not only will they remove it safely, but also catch the culprits who were trying to spy on you.

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