How to Find the Best Burglar Alarm for your Property

Best Burglar Alarm for your Property
Burglar alarms are one of the foremost appliances that are mandatory in households. Installation and configuration is imperative as these alarms represent an essential aspect of an effective home security system.


Given the wide variety of options of burglar alarms available in markets, it can be an arduous task to determine which one fits the bill. Our aim is to specify factors that must be considered when deciding which burglar alarm is appropriate.


Reliable Manufacturer


This rule is applicable when purchasing most products really. If consumers learn to trust a certain brand, they are loyal to the commodity and company as well. Burglar alarms are no different. A reliable provider must be located when seeking a dependable burglar alarm.


In the United Kingdom, companies that are members of the National Security Inspectorate (NSI) or the Security Systems and Alarm Inspection Board (SSAIB) have licence to install a burglar alarm as per the standards set by the police. This is done for a police response in case of emergencies. Naturally, security companies with a proven track record when it comes to burglar alarms are the best bet for residents looking for a legitimate burglar alarm.


Consider Your Options

There are myriad types of burglar alarms that are worthy the investment. However, prior to selecting and buying the apparatus, customers should ascertain its viability.


Dummy Alarms

As the name suggests, these are actually faux burglar alarms and are installed for the sole purpose of deterring criminals. For example, it may augment a property’s security if an artificial box is placed in or out of the house. If a thief is surveying the property with hopes of a break in, they might think twice if they see an alarm system installed. They won’t know based only on appearance that the box is only an imitation.


Do It Yourself Alarms

Another cost effective alternate is to purchase an alarm that can be installed without professional intervention and does a respectable job in protecting the property as well. Those who invest in a DIY model do not incur installation charges and subscription fee also. However, experts suggest that given the severity of potential burglaries, it is best to let technicians from security companies handle the arrangement.


Wired/Wireless Options

For residents who are not looking to cut corners, it essentially boils down to choosing between a wired and wireless burglar alarms. The former are typically available for respectable prices although their installation can drive up the bill. Also, these alarms are robust and come with low maintenance costs as well.


On the other hand, wireless alarms have sensor controls that connect remotely to the main console. Like smartphones and smart televisions, smart (wireless) alarms have also been introduced. They send a notification to the user’s smartphone in case of emergency, which has made them a popular option.


Home Insurance

Another important determinant to consider is home insurance. Insurance providers generally offer discounts on premiums in cases where the security is genuinely robust. Having adequate burglar alarms in place can mitigate the chances of theft, which minimizes the chances of insurance claims as well.

Furthermore, residents must ensure that they do not abrogate their insurance by ignoring their alarm. This is because insurers enquire about the alarm in scenarios when there is considerable risk, including the middle of the night or when the house is unoccupied.

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