How to Jump Start Your Security When Moving Into A New House

The first thing to do when moving into a new home is to install every essential security gadget and device that will ensure the safety and wellbeing of you and your family. It does not matter if you are a renter or the owner of the house. Since it is you who’ll be residing there, safety is your concern.


Even though there are several layers of security that you can have with the most cutting-edge technology, the initial steps to take to jump start your move safely must be the following:


Smoke and Carbon Detectors:

Chances of fire accidents are more when you move into a new house because you are new to the lay of the land and curiosity (in case of children) and accidental misuse (in case of adults) can happen anytime. If the house is already installed with a smoke detector then get it inspected and if not then make sure smoke and monoxide detectors are the first things you install.


Change the locks:

There have been people living prior to your family in the house and they certainly have the keys to the house in addition to their relatives, friends and some thief the old owner has been victim of. In any case, make sure all the locks on the door and the windows are changed.


Installation of Lights and Outlets:

You need to make sure the electrical layout of the house is in perfect working condition because if it is not, it can create problems for your hardwired security devices and gadgets. In addition, you should also have motion-sensor lights installed at the front of the house; garage and other dimly lit areas so that any person messing around with the new residents can be caught at once.


Surveillance Cameras:

Once you are settled in, make sure to get the security cameras and CCTV’s installed. They will allow you to have a full view of inside and outside of the house. It takes time to settle into a new town and neighborhood and you never know which trespasser and passerby is friendly and which one is not so. The video coverage will also come handy when you have shifted your entire valuables first and have decided to move-in later. The CCTV cameras will let you see what is happening inside your home through your devices. And even let you call the authorities in case there has been a breach of security.


Burglar Alarm:

Do you know how safe or crime-ridden your new neighborhood is? Make sure you install a burglar alarm to avoid being caught unaware while the thieves flee away with your valuables.
Moving into a new home and neighborhood demands for the necessary measures to be taken because when everyone is already layered up with security, the burglars and lawbreakers come in search of the vulnerable and unprotected homes. Don’t be the easy target in your neighborhood.


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