How to Protect Your Security Camera from Hackers

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The purpose of a CCTV camera is to protect you and your belongings from potential threats. Modern IP cameras have become popular, since they enhance the security of your property. You can connect your IP camera with your smartphone via internet and monitor the premise from a remote location. However, this internet connectivity also makes your security system prone to attacks by hackers.


Hackers can access your security camera by cracking the password of your Wi-Fi network. Information sent via local networks usually isn’t encrypted. Therefore, hackers can easily take control of the installed security system. Even if your IP camera is password protected, hackers can get hold of your login credentials through different means. Here are some ways you can keep your IP cameras safe from unauthorized users:


Choose a Brand with Good Reputation

Always buy your security camera from a trusted source. Conduct a thorough research to know more about companies that offer security cameras and go for a brand with a proven track record. Look for online customer reviews before making a decision.


Never Buy a Second-Hand Camera

Never purchase used security cameras. You may be able to buy used products at low rates. However, you don’t know if any unethical modifications have been made that may allow hackers to keep an eye on your home.


Set a Strong Password

Many people are too lazy to change the default username and password of an IP camera. Anyone can find the default login credentials from manufacturer’s website and take control of your security camera. It’s best to change default credentials of administrator account as soon as you install an IP camera in your home. Always choose a strong password and update password every now and then.


Enable WPA2 Encryption

More than a dozen cases of cyber attacks on home security systems are reported every month. In order to prevent eavesdropping, you should turn on Wi-Fi Protected Access 2 encryption on your wireless network. WPA2 encryption is a modern way of keeping your system safe from hackers. However, you may have to update firmware of your IP camera in order to enable WPA2 encryption.


Update Firmware

IP cameras are prone to cyber attacks. Whenever any vulnerability is found in firmware, manufacturers release an update to resolve the issue. Make sure that the firmware of your security camera is up-to-date. Regularly check the website of the manufacturer and install latest updates to prevent unauthorized access to your security system.


Turn Off Remote Monitoring

Modern IP cameras allow you to monitor your home in real-time when you’re away. However, this feature increases the vulnerability of a security camera. If any hacker gets hold of your login credentials, they can monitor your home easily. It’s recommended to turn off remote monitoring feature when it’s not in use. It will increase your safety and protect your IP camera from hackers.


Install a Firewall

Firewall is a network security system that monitors network traffic and prevents unauthorized access in real-time. Use a firewall to keep hackers away from your security system.

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