How to Secure Your Business

So you have set up your newly formed business and gotten every affair in order. Your first stock of products is here, employees are all sorted out, and you are all ready to start operating.

Returning the next day, you find your store has been ransacked – the stock is gone and the petty cash safe has been cleared!
This could have been avoided if you had taken the minimum necessary business security measures. Sure, we have the police and public security measures but a private entity like a business which deals in assets and valuables cannot afford to not have its own security system.
If you want to make your business secure for operations at all times, here are the basic security measures you may want to take!

1. Burglar Alarms

Burglar alarms automatically detect movement and motion through motion sensors and alert the relevant authorities if they are not turned off in time. Whether you choose a system that starts a loud alarm to scare off the burglar or not, installing a burglar alarm is an effective measure which helps cut down the costs of persistent security guard surveillance.

2. CCTV Surveillance Systems

Surveillance cameras are an excellent and trustworthy measure for increasing business security. With their constant patrolling and surveying, they prove to be superior to security guards. The benefit with CCTV systems is that they record and capture video which can help track down and apprehend criminals and burglars through facial detection mechanisms. The footage is also admissible as evidence in the court of law, making it easier to build a case against the culprits. CCTV surveillance systems are a standard option and placed at strategic locations on most business premises.

3. Door Entry Systems

Once everyone has gone home for the night and only one main supervisor is left on site, door entry systems will lock and bolt down every entrance and door on your business premises. This not only makes them shut so tight that it is almost impossible to open them without breaking them but it also alerts other security mechanisms when a breach occurs.

4. Phone Integration

Opt for a system that integrates all security functioning for emergency purposes into your phone or gives you remote access. This can allow you to monitor and remotely keep a check whenever you want. It will also give you access during a break in or emergency. However, this should not be your first line of defense but only a backup in case your primary systems fail so you can alert authorities on your end.

Looking for Security Installers?

If you are now convinced on the necessity and importance of having, at least, minimum security measures for your business then contact a security installing service today!

If your business is located in or near London then contact Eagle Security Solutions. We service all private and commercial needs in and around London. The numbers and email addresses for our different offices are available on our website. You can trust us to provide a comprehensive security installation network for your business premises!

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