How to Tackle a Burglar Attack at Your Home?

In the dead silence of the night, you’ll probably not hear the burglar tinkering with the keyhole.  But something or the other might wake you up.

It may be the dog barking across the street or your staircase creaking as the intruder sneaks in. This will cause your eyes to snap open. But what should you do next?

safety tips to protect you during a break in

Have you ever thought about this?

Most homeowners take themselves out of the equation when they think about burglaries. That’s because we usually assume that burglars raid empty homes. When in reality, they might not care if their target is occupied.

Hence, it is important that you devise a plan to protect your home and family during a home invasion. This ensures that despite the panic attack, you’ve got a clue on how to proceed after you hear the intruders.

Need some inspiration?

Here is a list of the safety tips to protect you during a break in:

1. Keep Calm and Let Him Carry On

Your panic mode might lead you to make fatal mistakes during the burglary. That is why it is important for you to stay calm. There is no need to scream, shout or hyperventilate when you realize that someone has invaded your home. The best way to navigate from this deadly situation is by keeping your head in the game.

Moreover, attacking the criminal might be foolish. So it is better that you plan your escape rather than locating him in an attempt to be heroic.

2. The Safe Spot

Does your house have a secret room? Have you installed a panic room?

Nope. That is okay. This isn’t a movie and you’re unlikely a multimillionaire with multiple underground passageways that help you escape. That is why it is wiser to allocate safe spots in the house. These areas must be hidden from plain sight. They could be anything like a closet, walk-in closet or if these locations don’t accommodate all of you then gather around in the room furthest away from the staircase.

The aim here is to all be together when you face the burglar. In this way, he might get taken aback by seeing all of you at one spot.

3. The Escape Plan

In this flight or fight scenario, you must always pick the first. That’s because the burglar is probably carrying a weapon and might not bat an eye before shooting you down. So the safest option is to devise an escape route.

This includes:

  • Pressing the panic button to alert the police/security company
  • Calling the police before he comes into your room
  • Locating an open window or backdoor that can easily help you run off without detection

Pro tip: Always keep your phone near your bed to instantly contact the police.

On the whole, your safety plan might protect you when your top-notch security system fails.Need some advice? Get in touch with Eagle Security Solutions. Their trusty team will help you lay the groundwork that protects your home from home invasion.

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