Improving Home Security with Phone Entry System

Entry phone system for multi dwellingSecurity systems are the modern day requirements for all houses. Without their presence, anyone can get access and breach privacy. With the help of phone entry systems, it is possible to restrict access for intruders. They have to ask for permission via intercom in order to get entry. Additional accessories can also be installed, such as a video camera and an alarm, to ensure that the security system is properly used.


Types of Phone Entry Systems:

Following are the two major types of phone entry systems:


Visitor Entry System:

Visitor entry systems are usually intercom based and fulfil the security purpose. They enable visitors to contact residents from the main gate of the residence. After authentication, the door is unlocked and the visitors can enter the house premises. There is no need for the home owner to visit the main gate every time the bell rings and overall security is enhanced too. The phones do need to be charged. The entry phones can be connected to mobile devices and owners can permit entry from remote location.


Auto-Dial Entry System:

Auto-Dial Entry Systems are just like home telephones and contain up to ten saved numbers. Whenever a visitor arrives and punches the authenticated number, the phone rings the stored numbers on the basis of priority. If the first contact is unavailable, only then the next one will be contacted. An unlocking system is present in the house, and the main door can be unlocked via this wireless system.


Advantages of Phone Entry Systems:



Phone Entry Systems are effective methods of dealing with home security issues. They efficiently enhance the security by restricting access for intruders. The locks are quite strong and cannot be broken easily. Moreover, burglar alarms can be added to the phone entry system. They will ring as soon as a security breach is observed. You can take necessary actions or call emergency service to stay safe.


Remote Monitoring:

Phone entry systems assist you with remote monitoring of the entry door from remote location. Even when you are away from home or travelling, it is convenient to grant access to authenticated visitors. You can ensure that your house is secure, and stay away from unnecessary worries.


Modern Outlook:

The installation of modern security systems enhances the look of the house. When you intend to sell the house, keeping such systems is a potential way of attracting more customers. Moreover, the value of the property is also considerably increased. The customers realise that the house has less probability of having burglars as it is easy to catch them through security systems. The house can capture the video of any intruder and can help in getting them caught.


Burglar Protection:

The burglars and thieves are less likely to enter your house if there is an advanced telephone entry system. They know that such houses can identify intruders and certain actions can be taken immediately. Therefore, they do not dare invade the house and continue the search for less secure houses. The possibility of the presence of other security systems cannot be denied as well.

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