Why Choose A NSI Approved Installer?

The National Security Inspectorate, or NSI, is a leading certification body that helps protect businesses and homeowners across the United Kingdom. The organisation does not install security systems at homes and businesses. It simply audits various security and fire safety providers across the nation, and ensures their credibility and authenticity. If you choose a NSI certified provider, you will be confident that the company will provide you the best service, and will meet the highest industry standards.


The NSI was established in 1971 as the National Supervisory Council for Intruder Alarms. The purpose of the organisation was to regulate the poor quality equipment and alarm systems that were sold in the market at the time. NSI has evolved over the years and expanded it domain to include all types of fire safety and security systems.


There are many different types of NSI certifications depending on the type of security or fire safety system. The companies apply online for the certification. NSI offers silver and gold schemes. Companies have to meet high standards at every stage from delivery to installation to acquire the certification. NSI also analyses other aspects of business including customer service and completion of job. Customer satisfaction is an important criterion. Once the company receives the approval, consumers can be rest assured that company will provide them the best service.


NSI certification offers trust. You can be assured that the company will complete the installation of job on time. They will have a clear work order, and will explain everything to you ahead of time. They will also clean up everything and answer all your questions before leaving your premises. The other big advantage is quality. The NSI approved installer will install all the equipment efficiently and test every component for proper function. You will not have any issues with the security system and its operation.


NSI approved installers employ qualified technicians and experts to do all the jobs. The experts will have the academic qualification and expertise to handle every situation and eventuality. The company will offer many different products from several manufacturers. You will have a wide choice. Your provider will explain the advantages and disadvantages associated with each situation, and help you choose the product that will work well for your home or business. In fact, a good provider will visit your premises and analyse the situation before making the recommendations.


NSI approved companies also work hard to improve every aspect of their business. They will conduct staff development programs. They will also add new products to their list and try to address common problems affecting consumers. This will help them maintain their eligibility for the certification.


There are many different varieties of home security and fire alarm systems in the market today. They are many service providers and installers as well. Before you choose a provider, make sure they have the NSI approval. You will eventually save time, money and effort this way. You can be confident about the quality of the service. Your systems will last long and provide you the mental peace that you deserve.

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