• Risco Agility/Wisdom & Pyronix Enforcer Wireless Alarm Service

Alarm Service for Risco Agility, Wisdom & Lightsys Wireless Alarm Systems


  • Description

    Alarm servicing designed for Risco Agility, Wisdom and Lightsys wireless security alarm systems. Risco Agility alarm service includes:

    • Check and walk test all detectors
    • Repair minor faults (additional costs may apply)
    • User and master code resets are chargeable at £25
    • Sensor battery replacements at £5 each, others at varying prices
    • Additional charge will apply after the 1st hour.
    • User training & Engineer activity report.


    *Price includes VAT but does not include parts or repairs to communication failures. Service excludes mobile app support.
    *Product image for illustration only.

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