Risco Agility Wireless Alarm Service

Risco Agility Wireless Alarm Service

£125.00 excl. parts

Add ons

Battery Replacement for Sensor, Keypad, Siren Control Panel Battery Replacement Code Reset
£5.00 £35.00 £30.00
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Alarm servicing designed for Risco Agility 3 & 4 and Wisdom wireless security alarm systems. The Risco Agility alarm service includes:

  • Check and walk test all detectors including door contact, PIRs, shock sensor, smoke and panic button, up to 8 in total.
  • Walk test outdoor and indoor sounders.
  • Check control unit and reset any trouble.
  • Test all available remote fobs.
  • Check and replace batteries as required – batteries will be charged as extra.
  • Code reset as required subject to addtional charge for Engineer or Master code reset.
  • User training & Engineer activity report.
  • Up to 1 hour on site labour – additional charge will apply after the 1st hour at £65 per hour or part thereof.

*Prices include VAT
*Standard service excludes firmware upgrade, mobile app connection or cloud services.
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