Physical Security Checklist for Your Business

CCTV camera in an office building

In this digital era, most of the discussions regarding security are largely focused on cyber-security. This means that many businesses neglect the importance of physical security inside and outside their workplace. A barely-functioning security camera and a careless security guard aren’t enough to protect your business from any unforeseen circumstances such as burglaries.

Therefore, we have put together the ultimate physical security checklist for your office to ensure that it remains safe and protected from any mishaps.

Door Security and Alarms

Business security systems are super-essential for every business; all security measures start from the entry and exit points of the office. While most main entrances have proper wireless alarm systems, the emergency exits are often neglected. So, when it comes to installing a business security system, every business needs to cover all bases, from the entrance and exit points, windows, etc. Moreover, these points should have sensors that trigger alarms, which should remain under supervision and inspection.

To be thorough you also need to ensure that the most important rooms in the office such as document storage rooms or data centres are well-protected with wireless alarm systems. Also, all these alarms should have their own emergency power source in case of a power outage.

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Access Controls

Almost all offices now have access control systems and for good reason. Access control systems entail smart cards, keys, biometric scanners, badges, and various other tools that help validate an employee’s identity. This helps prevent unauthorized personnel from entering the building and gaining unwarranted access. Moreover, access control systems also provide you detailed information about which areas were accessed and by whom.

Video Surveillance

Video surveillance is a highly crucial aspect of your business security system. Modern surveillance systems offer you the opportunity to access high-quality footage. Moreover, their videos are often colored rather than grainy black and white. Video surveillance can easily be managed and monitored.

Security cameras record the feed continuously and automatically begin to record and store data when an alarm goes off or any motion is detected. Also, security cameras serve as the ideal deterrent for both internal and external threats so they are better left visible.

Proper Lighting

Another highly important part of any security system that people often neglect is – lighting. Inadequate light makes it all the more easier for criminals and intruders to enter your property. Moreover, it makes it more difficult for security personnel to catch these criminals.

As a business owner, you need to ensure that you have ample lighting on all floors, entrances, and exits. Moreover, you should arrange for a backup lighting system in case the power supply gets cut. Additionally, you should run frequent tests on your standby and emergency lighting.

Security Personnel

Do you have any security personnel to keep an eye on all those entering and exiting the vicinity? Well, if you don’t, you will need some as a first line of defence. You need to hire a few guards from a reliable security company who can keep a check on how things and running and maybe even the security camera feed for any suspicious activity.

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