How To Use The Scantronic 9651 Bell Only Alarm?

The Scantronic 9651 is a cost effective bell only burglar alarm system with eight hardwired, fully programmable zones that provide eight secondary communication outputs. It is great for residential and small commercial establishments. This burglar alarm system is highly reliable and easy to use.

The Scantronic 9651 alarm system consists of a single control unit and several detectors. The control unit comprises of the main controller, power supply and a backup battery system. It is generally installed in a safe place on your property. The detectors are installed at various locations across your property. The system comes with a keypad that can be used to set or unset the alarm system. An access code will help you use the keypad. All the operations are displayed on a LCD panel.

When the alarm system is on or set, the detectors will identify unwanted movement and send the signal back to the control unit. The alarm bell will ring in response to the signal. If the alarm system is turned off, the system will not raise an alarm even if the detectors are triggered. You may add additional zones within the system including 24-hour zones and panic alarm zones.

The Scantronic 9651 Bell Only Alarm System comes with many different setting methods including:

  • Timed Set
  • Final Door Set
  • Lock set
  • Keyswitch set

Talk to your installer before choosing a setting method that is right for your home and property. You will also have a specific entry and exit route. Your installer will explain them to you. Moving away from these standard routes may raise a false alarm. A lamp on the keypad and the LCD panel will indicate if the system is turned on or turned off.

Before you set the system, close all the doors and windows. Key in your access code and turn the alarm system on. Follow the exit route to get out of the house. Make sure you get out of the house before the exit time lapses. Ask your installer to provide you with the required time. Remember that your system will not turn on until all the doors and windows with detectors are closed.

When you re-enter the house, simply enter the access code on the keypad and turn off the alarm system. If you have a keyswitch, you can deactivate the security system with the switch without entering the access code. You will have a short entry time. This is a grace period during which you can enter the premises without inactivating the alarm. This lasts for 30 to 45 seconds. The system will automatically go off if you do not deactivate during this short period.

The Scantronic 9651 system is easy to install and use. The system is very popular among home owners and small business owners as well. The system can last for several years. Maintenance is low and problems are easy to fix. The latest Scantronic 9651 PD bell only alarm system complies with the current standards EN50131 and PD 6662:2010 Grade 2.

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