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It is not quite inaccurate to say that the state of affairs of the country in 2019 is turbulent.
Issues of security and safety are of national and public concern with many towns and cities embroiled in debates and dialogues of crime, police jurisdiction, and public safety.


In such conditions, the best preventive and protective measure one can take is a complete top-to-bottom system revamp of your home, and install home security measures and equipment. You might be confused by the plethora of options out there and not know where to start. To solve that, here is a proper guide to various home security measures which should be important on your list:


1. Door Entry Systems

Having a modern and technological door entry system is a must in today’s times. They are a standard feature of most modern constructions today and can easily be installed in old homes too. You will be spoiled for choice with many features and systems but, at the very least, go for options which have a built-in intercom and show a person’s image. You could go for password protected electronic locks or fingerprint locks too.


2. Wireless Alarm Systems

Hypothetically, if someone like an armed burglar or thief invades your home with or without you being there, wireless alarm measures will be the best. They will silently send signals to the concerned security agencies and have them dispatched to your home all while the invader remains clueless; hence, increasing their chances of getting caught. Since they won’t be expecting anything, you can’t expect them to be hostile or violent enough to create a hostage situation either.


3. CCTV Systems

Video cameras are fixed at points of your choosing or strategic importance. They provide a visual feed to key corners or areas of your estate which might be more insecure. You can easily rewind and check footage in case you suspect any intruder or burglar. The captured video can also be accepted in a legal court of law as evidence which will make restitution and compensation a much more hassle-free process.


4. Total Home Automation

This refers to top-to-bottom automation of each and every function and feature of your house on a common grid, and linking it with a central control panel. For security purposes, this means linking the windows, doors, garage door, and other possible entry points to the control panel so that they are automatically locked whenever you choose to do so. This will prevent that unlocked window by chance which might allow that random crafty thief to slip in and out.


Protect Yourself Today

Secure and protect yourself today by implementing at least 2 of these measures at the least. This ensures that your security net is spread wider, and if perchance one fails then the other measure is in place to protect and secure you. If you reside in or near London, then contact Eagle Security Solutions today. We service all private and commercial needs in and around London, and the contact details of our different offices can be reached on our website. We look forward to welcoming you and devising the best home security measures for your home.

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