Signs Your Alarm System Needs Maintenance

An alarm/security system needs regular maintenance to ensure it continues functioning optimally. Remember to inspect the individual components, change the batteries when needed and ensure that all the individual parts are effectively communicating with one another. Your main control pad and monitoring services will help you keep track of the system’s performance, but you should conduct your own inspections as well to make sure your security system is working properly and to the best of its ability. To avoid expensive repair costs and to stay protected, it’s a good idea to get alarm maintenance on an annual basis. Some signs indicate that your alarm system needs maintenance. We’ve listed them below.


1. Lights Not Turning On

The wind sometimes causes security lighting to shift slightly, so the lights’ aim shifts or they turn off. Remember to check whether this is due to some external factor or because of power issues. Adjusting the security lights will ensure maximum effectiveness.


2. Beeping

It’s obvious that if your alarm system or smoke detector is beeping too much or repetitively, then it needs to be checked. This can be disruptive and lead to false alarms, so make sure to address this problem quickly.


3. Control Panel Problems

Given that the control panel is the entire brain of your security system, it’s essential that it works properly. Every sensor’s signal passes through it, and it ensures what to activate. Most panels have a “test” mode, which allows them to run a self-diagnostic to check if everything is working properly. You can also visually inspect the panel to look for loose wires or any signs of damage, which could include dust and pests. Notify your alarm company immediately if you notice signs of malfunction or of wear and tear.


4. Battery Issues

This is the most common maintenance issue that comes up with any alarm system. Changing your security system battery, which is essential to maintaining your system, will only take a few minutes and can be done by yourself. The battery is normally located in the control panel itself. You will know when to change your security system battery because your keypad will indicate a sign like “trouble” or “low battery.”


5. Wiring Problems

If you have a wired alarm system, it’s likely that the wires will face wear and tear over time. Remember to get these checked and replaced so that there is no great fault with your system.

If there is a camera (for instance, in CCTV systems) or any other equipment to look out for, then make sure the equipment’s condition is good and keep an eye out for any other signs of damage.

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