The Best Kinds Of Security Locks

Door locks serve a very simple purpose – to keep unwanted people from entering your home. However, when any commercial lock is pitted against a professional assault, it is likely to cave. So the main purpose of security locks narrows to preventing entry by amateurs, and making the job too hard for a professional to bother.

Deadbolts are the traditional go-to lock for keeping your home secure. There are several types, including the ordinary deadbolt, where one side takes a key and the other is a thumb switch, and double-sided deadbolts where both sides require a key. The latter type is banned in many areas because of the potential danger of being locked inside the home in an emergency.

As well as these two types of deadbolts, there is a third type that is more secure in terms of potential saw use. This type of deadbolt has hardware that fits over the edge of the door, making the bolt itself inaccessible to a saw blade. The main disadvantage is that it can be cumbersome and unattractive, and potentially difficult to install on some doors.

Experts say that when it comes to security locks, more expensive can be better. More expensive deadbolts are harder to pick, can withstand more force, and are less able to be opened with conventional entry tools. It’s worth being wary of electronic locks, as few of these are as strong as their more traditional counterparts.

Along with the lock, the sturdiness of the door is of great importance. An attempted forced entry will be repelled if the door hardware can stand up to be shoved or kicked. Using stronger hardware, as well as a stronger lock, can help here. A box strike is especially recommended as they are cheap and effective. This is a piece of metal that is installed over the opening in the door frame, to make the lock’s seated position more secure. Quality security locks and security alarms make excellent combinations.

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