The Common Problems with CCTV Cameras and How to Troubleshoot Them

Common Problems with CCTV CamerasLooking to install security equipment at home to keep the intruders at bay? CCTV cameras can just be the thing you’re looking for.

While CCTV cameras are definitely effective, they may have some flaws. Unless you know how to troubleshoot those issues, you should call professionals to repair CCTV cameras.

Here are some common issues that arise with security cameras and how you can fix them:

The LEDs Aren’t Lighting Up

LEDs on IP cameras indicate the transmission of data across the network. If the LEDs aren’t lighting up, it can
be due to a disconnected lead or the network may be temporarily down.

Whether the camera is powered by a battery or works with electricity, make sure it receives the appropriate wattage.

You Can’t Connect to Your IP Camera

IP surveillance cameras facilitate you to watch live CCTV footage on your smartphone. But if you can’t access the camera via the network, it indicates something is wrong with the security system.

Find out the IP address of the camera. Open the DOS command prompt on your PC and enter ‘ping’ and this IP address. If you can ping but can’t connect with the IP camera, then you may be entering wrong login credentials.

However, if the message “Request Time Out” appears, then it means the device isn’t configured properly on the network.

False Alarms

You installed a security camera in your backyard to enhance security, but it generates an alarm when birds fly past it or tree branches move with the wind. It’s referred to as a false alarm.

False security alarms are usually produced due to the wrong installation of devices or malfunctioning of the system. You can use its mask feature to prevent false alarms. But if you don’t know how to activate this feature, then the best option is to contact a professional security service provider.

Videos or Images Are Blurred

If CCTV images and videos are blurred, then you should clean its lens. The accumulation of dirt or dust and spider webs can affect the quality of videos.

For varifocal security cameras, you need to adjust the focus and zoom settings from time to time. Otherwise, the images and videos from CCTV cameras may not be clear.

Images and Videos Are Too Dark

If videos or images from CCTV cameras are too dark, then you can resolve the issue by customizing its settings. Adjust its brightness and contrast levels or install it to another location where it can capture brighter images. If the camera has an adjustable sunlight, slide it backward to let in more light.

Resolution settings of CCTV cameras also affect the quality of videos and images. If your camera is equipped with a low-quality lens, it won’t be able to record clear videos or images. If you’re using a lens of 4-megapixels or more, the resolution settings should be at least 1920×1080.

You can resolve minor issues with CCTV cameras on your own. But for more complex problems, your best bet is to get in touch with professional CCTV maintenance services.

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