The Latest Trends in Burglar Alarm Systems Today

Burglar Alarm SystemsCommercial security systems, as well as burglar alarm technology, is now developing at a feverish pace. In fact, the recent developments in this field have rendered many recent systems obsolete. After all, crooks are getting smarter as well and they know how to hoodwink security systems and burglar alarms of the older generation. Let us check for ourselves, which security systems are really ‘in’ these days and why.


Two Way Communication Systems

When is an alarm not an alarm? When it’s a two-way communication system. Sometimes, an alarm will trigger silently, and you might end up facing embarrassment from the well-armed cops on your doorstep.

However, the newest generation burglar alarm systems have erased this issue with the help of a two-way communication network. The key advantage of this system is that the first responders (private security agencies or cops) can easily confirm if an intruder alert has inadvertently tripped, or if it is the real thing.


Avoiding the ‘Control Panel Smasher’ Type of Criminal

Many an over-smart burglar has smashed the central alarm system’s panel in order disarm the whole home alarm security system. In the days when it used to work, such a raid was named a “crash & smash burglary” by the cops. However, today’s cutting edge systems are crash-proof and even a smashed central alarm panel will still trigger an alarm.


The Live Streaming Option

Instead of static CCTV cameras, today‘s energy and security-conscious homeowner is using multiple motion-triggered cameras that can detect movement and alert the homeowners as well as first responders simultaneously.

Wireless Burglar Alarm Systems

Up until only a few years ago, installing a burglar alarm meant drilling and running wires. These wires formed a spiderweb that connected all the various components of your intruder alarm system. However, the tremendous advances in wireless alarm technology mean that this is no longer the case anymore.
In fact, today’s ‘state of the art’ sensors used by high-quality alarm systems can be conveniently and safely attach to your doors windows, and even walls without the hassle of using wires or screws or even punching holes in the walls. This is of particular benefit for people who live in rented premises. You can simply pack up the system and reinstall it at another location without making any changes that would make your landlords angry.

24 Hour Monitoring Capability

Most of the older devices used to have short lifespans and required battery changes at frequent intervals. On the other hand, line-powered ones would not work in case of a power outage or when a burglar cut the power line. Today’s cutting edge systems provide 24/7 protection while consuming very little energy.


The features and trends mentioned above are just the tip of the iceberg. There are many other advancements in burglar alarm systems and related technology that have enabled house owners to stay a step ahead of criminals.

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