Things to Know About Burglars – How They Choose a Home to Rob

Burglars are criminals that take advantage of home owners to steal property, money or other items. There are some things to know about burglars which will help you avoid becoming the next victim.

First, while many burglars choose their home at random, they may also have spent time in your home on a previous occasion. Any individual who enters your house that you do not personally know could become a thief and return to rob you of your belongings. Also, while these individuals were in your home, they may have unlatched a window, propped open a basement door or done other things to make it easy for them to access at a later time. Other things to know about burglars include the way they choose a house. Thieves are not going to choose the house that looks run down and unkempt on the outside because they assume that this home will not have expensive and valuable property on the inside. However, if your home has a perfectly manicured lawn, attractive landscaping or a high class car parked in the driveway, it will be much more appealing to a burglar. Thieves are less likely to choose a house that indicates the presence of a burglar alarm protection.

Burglars also look for homes that appear unoccupied. The old theory about thieves looking for the home with a pile of newspapers in the driveway is true because this shows them that the home owners are out of town. They may also do other things to see if the house is occupied, such as sticking a pizza advertisement in the front door and watching how long it takes for you to remove it. Other important things to know about burglars are what they look for in the winter. A home with car or foot tracks in the snow means that the owner is home. One without these common prints or tracks is a giveaway to a burglar that you are out of town.

Next, burglars do not always have to work hard to break into your house. Many people do not lock their doors and windows which makes it extremely easy for a criminal to enter. When they do enter, they will generally look through the master bedroom, the medicine cabinet, the closet and the sock drawer for valuables. Having a safe is great, but if it is not bolted down the burglar will probably just take it with them and break into it later. Other important things to know about burglars include the fact that they rarely look in a child’s room, so this may be an excellent location to hide valuables.

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