Things We Need To Know About Risco Agility 3

When it comes to security, safety and protection, nothing other than the most high-end, upgraded and improved form of technology is expected to be used. Whether it’s for a family or a small business enterprise, safety is the first and foremost concern of every person who walks through the front door. As tech evolves and smarter methods are being used for detecting safety threats, the ones threatening us, are also becoming smarter and that’s why staying one step ahead is the key to remaining out of harm’s way.


For these reasons, new and improved wireless alarm and door safety systems are the only equipment to trust. One of the most effective ones at the moment includes Risco Agility. What makes this security system one of the finest ones is its reliability, robustness, and credibility. Here’s how:



The two-way wireless system of Risco Agility 3 made it surpass most standard home protection security systems, so much so, that it even became perfectly effectual for usage in small business enterprises.


It is High-tech:

No matter where you are, the self-monitoring Smartphone feature of the security system makes it excessively easy for the house owner to visually verify the safety of their property. It also allows the users to control their alarm system using the app even if they are miles away.


Real Time Images:

Risco Agility 3 alarm and security system also supports a wireless PIR camera which allows the owner of the properties to have a frame by frame view of all the rooms, front, and back of the house or anywhere else in the premises where the cameras are fixed. This high-end and advanced technology can tell the owner what is happening in real time inside their property without them being there. With security like this, thieves and criminals will immediately be detected if they attempt anything.


Ease of Use:

Surprisingly, an alarm system like Risco Agility 3 with so many features and impossible reaches is very easy to install and use.


It’s Cost Effective:

Being one of the few alarms so far that offers real time visual verifications, one would expect this alarm system to be heftily priced, when in truth, it is one of the most affordable ones compared to its counterparts.


Endless Specifications:

Risco Agility 3 is abundant in its features and comes equipped with 8 wireless zones for PIR cameras, 3 LED and LCD keypads that are bi-directional and wireless, so if a house is big enough for three partitions, then each one will have its own separate keypads. In all, there are 32 wireless zones in Risco Agility 3 security system. In addition, there are also 250-event-log, bi-directional audio, and various modules including a home automation module and 32 user codes among many other specifications.



Probably one of the coolest features of Risco Agility 3 (and it has many cool features) are the sensors. These multi-tech sensors not only detect intruders and strangers but also identify gas leakage, smoke, carbon monoxide, and flooding. And all of these multi-faceted functions are carried out without a single wire in the system.
If you are looking for a security system for safeguarding your family or business, then look at nothing but this versatile security system. The whole setup is just one click away at Eagle security solutions from where you can buy the system, get it installed, and keep it maintained without any hassles.

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