Visonic Powermax Express Wireless GSM Alarm

When you make the decision to work for yourself either out of a small office in a commercial location or a cozy niche in your home, it is important to ensure that security is always a priority regardless of what your chosen field of work may be. Many individuals who work from home have more sensitive information at their fingertips than they realize, concerning both clients and themselves. Even the most modest freelancer, consultant, or part time telecommuter is required to keep some level of sensitive information in the office.

Sensitive information can include anything from expense reports to internal company documents, account numbers, and private contact information. This may not seem like the sort of loot that your average burglar is interested in, but even in relatively inexperienced hands, an account number can do some serious damage. It is true that when your home is broken into, the first thing your average thieves will set their sights on are electronics and jewelry rather than a mess of files shoved in a cabinet, but if you are one of those individuals who prefers to keep your important documents on the computer, then a stolen laptop, tablet, or PC can be a serious blow to your productivity and professional appearance.

The Visonic Powermax Express model of home security is designed especially with home and small commercial applications in mind. It is completely wireless and designed to be discrete, making it ideal for home office users who see the need to keep their home or small office protected, but do not want to do so at the risk of turning the rest of their home into a locked down fortress.

Powermax Express control panels are small, but mighty and feature an easy to read LCD display. Discretion and easy access is the guiding principle behind the highly versatile design. Wireless communications offers unparalleled connectivity to you whether your office is at home or in a commercial center across town. Remote fobs make entry and exit simple and quick without the hassle of constantly setting and resetting the security system as you go. Wireless capabilities also lend themselves to the newest security innovation at the heart of the system with a smart phone application that offers you instant access to the most detailed reports coming from your Powermax Express alarm system.

Previously, mobile communication between you and your system was largely impacted by the limitations of SMS technology. If your system was tripped, you might get an alert, but the nature of the alert and your ability to respond was greatly limited. With the Powermax smart phone security app, you can immediately analyze and respond to the alert that your system has been gone off. You can know the nature of the disturbance right away and respond accordingly, even disarming the system in the event it proves to be an error. By relying heavily on GSM technology, the Powermax Express is no longer dependent on landlines, which makes it easier to install and more reliable communication.

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