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Visonic Wireless Home Security Alarm Systems

Visonic is a leading developer and manufacturer of innovative security technologies and solutions for residential, small business and light commercial premises. Visonic’s range of professional wireless security solutions include Powermax Complete, Powermax Express and PowerMaster series. The PowerMaster series are Visonic’s cutting-edge line of professional wireless intrusion alarm systems with improved wireless detection range, prolonged battery life and reliable visual verification solution.

Eagle Security Solutions are a certified installer of Visonic’s wireless security alarm systems in UK, for protecting home and business premises.


Visonic Powermaster

Visonic’s PowerMaster wireless alarm system combines reliability, performance and an advanced feature set which comprehensively addresses the needs of residential and commercial premises. Powered by PowerG wireless technology, it features two-way communication, long transmission range, long battery life and a wide range of PowerG wireless peripherals. Powermaster 10, GT64 and 360R are reliable and proven wireless home alarm systems while Powermaster 30 and 33 are ideal professional wireless security systems for high-end residential and commercial applications.


Visual Verification

Visonic Powermaster 10, GT64, 30 or 33 with PIR camera installed provides a unique visual verification that delivers real time capture of alarm event images to central monitoring stations or directly to the owner’s mobile devices via mobile app using GSM/GPRS communication and/or a broadband service. It enables the Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) or alarm owner to assess the situation inside the premise when an alarm is activated and to determine whether the alarm is real or false. In the event of real burglary, fire or personal attack, the PIR camera snapshots will provide images that can be passed to the police and emergency services.

Visonic Powermax

We offer a range of Visonic Powermax wireless alarm systems including Powermax Complete, Powermax Express E and Powermax Express Mobile Connect. Powermax Complete is an all-in-one professional grade wireless home security alarm and safety system. Powermax Express Mobile Connect features an integrated GSM/GPRS module which enables the system to send voice and SMS communication to mobile phones. Each of the system can be customised with additional communication modules and wireless accessories to meet your particular need.


Benefits of Visonic PowerMaster Intrusion Alarm Systems & Real-Alarm:

  • Robust and reliable Power-G technology
  • Advanced radio technology provides high transmission range
  • Multi-channel frequencies enable high immunity to interference
  • Supports visual verification of burglars and personal attack alarms
  • Supports advanced PIR motion detector with integrated camera and audio
  • Video images can be forwarded to alarm owner via email or Mobile App
  • Provides real time capture of alarm events for central monitoring station
  • Reduces cost by avoiding responses to false alarms
  • Works as a standalone or retro fit to existing hard-wired or wireless alarm system
  • Up to 5 years battery life for system devices and peripherals
  • Utilises PSTN, GSM/GPRS and IP communication modules
  • Complies with EN 50131, PD 6662 and BS 8243:2010

The system utilises the latest Visonic Power-G wireless technology with a unique combination of advanced features, reliability and performance.

Visual alarm mobile verification allows event image snapshots to be sent to alarm owner and keyholders via email and SMS, enables faster alarm verification by the alarm monitoring centre and reduces respond rates to false alarms by emergency services.

As a standalone system, Real-Alarm can have up to ten PIR cameras plus other wireless devices such as door contacts, movement detectors, smoke detectors, CO detectors, panic buttons and more.

Visual verification of burglar ensures compliance to BS8243:2010 and PD 6662:2010

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