What Are Security Systems, and How Do They Work?

Business Needs a Security System

Around eighty thousand burglaries are attempted in London each year. With the crime rate this high, everyone wants to make changes on their property to deter the criminals away. The first prioritized option for anyone who wants to protect their home or workplace from burglary is to inaugurate a security system.


What Are Security Systems?

Security systems are precisely what their name suggests – a system of electronic interworking devices connected together to provide the security that your property needs.

All security systems are based on the same principle of securing entry points and detecting unusual movements through integrated sensor systems.

A security system mainly includes the following components:

  • Central control panel
  • Motion sensors, for property’s interior and exterior safety
  • Door and window sensors
  • Security cameras (wired or wireless)
  • A siren or alarm system
  • Warning window stickers and a yard sign

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How Do Security Systems Work?

Each component of a security system serves a different purpose. However, they all have the same ultimate goal: securing your property’s premises from all people with an evil objective.

Let’s discuss in detail about the working of each component that comes with a security system.


Central Control Panel

The control panel is a small computing device that handles the security system by communicating with other components. It consists of a touchpad that requires a passcode for arming and disarming the system. Many panels also support voice commands for easy access.


Motion Sensors

The security system integrated with motion sensors protects an area by creating a secured zone that sounds a high-pitched alarm when someone breaches the boundary lines, or when some unknown movement is detected. These sensors are usually installed to protect a room or building that contains valuable assets.


Door and Window Sensors

Door and window alarms are designed like a connected circuit. One part of the circuit is fixed with the door or window, and the other is installed with the door frame or window sill.

While the doors and windows are closed, the circuit is connected, reporting back to the control panel that the entry points are secured. However, when you open the entryways, the circuit breaks and alerts the central control panel about this breach. A high-pitched siren is sounded, while the owner and security company are informed about it.


Security Cameras

The security cameras can be installed in both wired and wireless configurations, depending on your property’s needs. These cameras are accessible through your mobiles, computers, and other gadgets, so you can check on your place even when you are not physically there.

These surveillance cameras are mostly inaugurated to monitor the entry points, garages, workshops, or the distant areas of your property.


An Alarm System

Security systems have a siren installed to alert the homeowner and neighbours that the property has been breached with trespassers.


Warning Stickers and Signs

The warning signs are there to tell everyone that your property is protected via a professional security system. This warns and deters the criminals away from the property successfully.

Eagle Security Solutions provide the most reliable security systems and installation services for home and business owners throughout London. We service our customers by matching all their needs and security concerns while staying under the provided budget. For more information, you can get in contact with our team today.

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