Why It’s an Unsafe Practice to Install Dummy Surveillance Cameras

Decoy CCTV

CCTV cameras prove to be effective in deterring burglars and protecting any space. However, the use of surveillance cameras isn’t common in the UK. For a population of 65.64 million, there are only 5-6 million cameras. It’s because many people find modern security systems too expensive or consider it unnecessary to protect their home with a security system.


Another practice which is quite common among homeowners is to install a dummy CCTV instead of buying a real one. However, fake cameras, in no way, can protect your home or office space. Let’s have a look at the major reasons why you need to stop trusting fake security cameras:


They Cannot Fool Intruders

Many homeowners wrongly assume that they can fool burglars with fake security cameras. However, dummy cameras are easier to identify. They usually have no wires and have a bright red light to indicate the presence of a security system. These unusual characteristics aid people into identifying a fake camera.


Many people mix fake security cameras with real ones in an attempt to save expenses. However, this practice backfires. When you install dummy cameras near real CCTV cameras, you make it easier for intruders to identify them. As a consequence, burglars will be at freedom to get into unauthorized activities without being caught.


They Cannot Record Any Evidence

A dummy security camera is completely useless. Neither can it record any video, nor notify you of potential dangers. Fake security cameras only provide you with a false sense of security. You cannot monitor the premise of your home or office for security purpose.

Real CCTV cameras record videos of any premise. Not only do they aid you in keeping burglars at bay, but also record evidence of any incident. So, if any burglar breaks into your home and steals your valuable possessions, you’ll have necessary evidence to take appropriate actions against them.


On the other hand, dummy cameras can’t record anything. If any intruder gets access to your home, you won’t be able to prove anything against them.


They May Attract Legal Issues

Fake security cameras generate a false sense of security. It’s a lesser known fact that fake security cameras can create legal issues for property owners. No matter how cheap fake cameras are, businesses should refrain from their installation to stay safe from lawsuits down the road.


Some shopping centres install fake cameras in their parking space. Visitors park their vehicles in the space thinking that their vehicles will be safe due to the presence of surveillance cameras. However, if any burglar unlocks their vehicle and steals any item, they may demand to look at the recording. They may sue you in the court if you fail to produce a CCTV camera recording.



Even if you’re tempted to save expenses, it’s best to install real CCTV cameras instead of fake ones. Burglars can quite easily detect fake cameras and enter your house, finding it an easy target. So, always choose high quality security systems to protect your family and your possessions.

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