Why Positioning CCTV Cameras Properly is Significant

Positioning CCTV CamerasClosed-circuit television (CCTV) is an important aspect of security, whether you are in the comfort of your home or in a public domain. They deter and detect criminal activity. However, it is important to note that CCTV cameras must be placed and positioned properly for the best surveillance results.

We can look at the usual mistakes made when installing CCTV cameras and determine how to best position them.


Errors in Placement

There are various blunders that CCTV users make with regards to their installation. For instance, some might choose to install a low quality camera to save money. They may also configure the camera only to realize that there is no network coverage in the location where it was set up.


In some cases, CCTV cameras may be used in places that do not guarantee a clear vantage point. This is a gaffe that essentially defeats the purpose of using a camera for security reasons. Good vision is imperative for surveillance.


Furthermore, there are cases where users do not install ample cameras that cover the entire property or area that requires supervision. Some might even forget to turn on the motion detection alert function of the cameras while other cameras may be placed away from a power source.


Ideal Placement

For the purpose of simplicity, we can consider a normal household as an example to determine where the CCTV cameras can be installed.


Front Door

A large number of burglars enter homes through the front door. While other openings like a partially closed window may provide safe passage, the front door is the most convenient. This is why a CCTV camera should be positioned to allow surveillance of the front door and adjoining area of the house.


Moreover, to avoid an instance where criminals tamper with the camera, it must be positioned beyond their reach, like the second floor. This would protect the camera from rocks, sticks and other weapons burglars may use to avoid being seen.


Back Door

Another popular outlet that burglars seek to exploit is the back door. While securing the front door is imperative, making sure the back area of the house is being monitored is vital as well. Generally, there should be at least one camera for every door in the house. Obviously, the same rules of placement apply here also. The camera should be higher than the reach of criminals so that they are unable to tinker with it.



The next area of the house which needs a CCTV camera is the backyard. If both front and back doors are well guarded, burglars may use the backyard as a means to enter the house. In most cases, it may provide considerable space and might not be under surveillance either.



Additionally, burglars are accustomed to breaking windows to enter a property they want to steal from. A rear window is one such passage. Hence, a CCTV camera must be placed near susceptible windows to ensure that they are monitored also. If these windows are not in direct view, it may be convenient for intruders to enter the house without being exposed.

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