Why Security Surveillance over Guards?

Technology has touched all walks of human life. Owing to ever-evolving technology, today, multiple redundant jobs that were previously performed by humans have been automated and taken over by the machines.


Same is the case for home and workplace security and protection. From the earliest times, we have been employing guards, night watchmen or neighbourhood patrol to guard a location, make rounds and look out for suspicious activity. Now, for a number of reasons this practice is being replaced by superior security surveillance systems. Here are the reasons why in the modern age, security systems are a superior option over security guards.


1.     Efficiency

The simple reality is a machine will be more efficient than a human at doing a routine task. When placed correctly, security cameras can provide a larger field of view and coverage than would be possible by a single guard. They also do not have the hang-ups of a human, like needing rest or working in shifts. They can work 24/7 round the clock and provide security.


2.     Lower Cost

A security guard will prove to be a more costly endeavor especially if different guards are hired for morning and night shifts. They will also have ancillary expenses and due to the human element, the chances of mistakes will be higher. On the other hand, due to continuous development, modern security systems are becoming more and more affordable and cheaper. On the whole, they will put less drain on your wallet while offering better coverage and performance.


3.     Video Capture

Probably the biggest advantage of surveillance systems over guards is that in case of a break in or any other sort of criminal activity, you will have legally valid and tangible evidence to find the culprit or back your claims. With the facility to record video, you can successfully get a burglar, trespasser or vandal prosecuted and convicted.


Recorded video can also be a great tool to trace and identify criminals who otherwise might not be seen by the naked eye in the dark of night. Many modern surveillance systems are equipped with features like night vision, heat vision, etc. which can make identification easier.


4.     Human Error

Simply put, a security camera will never betray you. Of course, it might malfunction but it will not take from your plate, so to speak. We all know and hear about cases of guards involved in thefts and robberies. That fear and uncertainty will be eliminated with a superior security surveillance system.



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