Bot Watch – A Second Set of Eyes to Keep Track of Everything

Bot Watch – A Second Set of Eyes to Keep Track of Everything
It’s been a month now and my girlfriend doesn’t know that I have been watching over her. Before you get me wrong, it’s nothing stalker-ish if that’s what you are thinking. We live in London and the crime rate here has risen exponentially. Though our neighbours our extremely helpful, but every now and then, you get up in the morning for the newspaper and the first thing you hear when you open your door is that your neighbour just got robbed last night.


It’s time like these that I fear that there’s a possibility that my house might be next target. After much careful consideration, I decided to install a wireless alarm system. Now I know when my girlfriend gets up in the morning and what she eats for breakfast, amongst other things. It’s still a running joke, because she hasn’t yet figured where the camera is hidden (and neither would the robbers, if ever tey try to break in) and every now and then, I tease her on what she did during the day.


Reason Why a Simple Security Alarm System Is Not Enough

The time for smoke detectors and the traditional alarm systems has come and gone. They no longer provide the safety and security we are seeking. Keypad locks for door entry systems are all well and good, but what’s the use if the burglar is gone in sixty seconds? All you can do is hope that he will be caught not far from your house, so that you can have your valuables back.

A security system such as Risco Agility by Eagle Security Solutions is a smart burglar alarm that allows you to control your home’s system remotely and keep tabs on every area inside and outside the house. All you need for unlimited viewing access over your house is a smart phone app that will allow you to control the system in real time. It also has two-way wireless sounders that will alert you on the slightest of noise. Since the device has its own Risco cloud server, you can install various other burglar alarms and wireless alarm systems, and integrate and control them remotely from wherever you are.


Home-monitoring devices such as these are quite appealing not because of their smart features, but due to their unobtrusive structure. When talking about security systems, these devices provide a peace of mind that no matter how far you are from your home, someone will be watching over your house. In this case, it won’t hurt since that someone will be you.


As the dynamics of the society change, so does our needs for safety. There was a time when security systems were considered intrusive and people demanded that their neighbours face away the CCTV systems from their home’s entrance. Today, there is no such thing as too much security! The Risco Agility system notifies you immediately even if there is a change in the atmosphere such as a gas leak. It is pet friendly, which ensures that you won’t be tripping over your feet to reach your house every time the dog knocks something over.

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