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Door Entry Systems

Door Entry Systems for Residential and Offices

We provide installation of door entry systems and intercom including video, audio, wired, wireless, DECT, GSM and IP. We offer a wide range of audio and video entry systems suitable for single or multiple occupancy buildings. Our range of professional entry systems include CAME BPT, Comelit, Videx, ESP and AES.

Audio Intercom


A wide range of audio entry systems for residential and commercial premises including CAME BPT. Features two-way communication between the call station and handsets, and lock release button to open the door from the handset.

BPT Targha Audio Panel with Agata Handset

Audio entry suitable for a single residential home or office.

£330         Buy Now

CAME BPT VRW 1 Way Audio with Agata Handset

1-way stainless steel name window audio surface entry panel.

£650        Buy Now

BPT Thangram Entry with Perla Audio Unit

Thangram entry panel in attractive design with 1 call button.

£695        Buy Now

CAME BPT VRM 1-Way Intercom GSM with Prox

Vandal resistant 1-Way audio with GSM and proximity reader.

£1245        Buy Now

VRM 1-Way Audio with Agata Handset

High efficiency illuminator with anti-dazzle diffuser.

£599        Buy Now

Audio VRM 1-Way Intercom with GSM

Adjustable ring time, call conversation, lock release and volume parameters.

£1195       Buy Now

CAME BPT VRM Audio Intercom with Keypad

Stainless steel, built-in Keypad and digital display.

£1395       Buy Now

Video Intercom

ESP Aperta Video Entry with 7" Monitor

Clear high resolution 7 inch hands-free colour TFT monitor.

£590       Buy Now

Aperta Video Entry with Keypad & Monitor

Colour video door entry system with built-in keypad.

£645        Buy Now

Thangram Video Entry with Nova Monitor

A modular entry panel which offers superlative-quality video.

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BPT Lithos Video Entry with Perla Monitor

Compact and slim design with elegant brushed stainless steel finish.

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CAME BPT VRW 1-Way Video with XTS Monitor

Wi-Fi monitor enables users to open their front door from a smartphone.

£2235        Buy Now

VRM 1-Way Video Intercom with Prox

Acoustic and visual signals with unmatched video quality..

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MTM Video Intercom with Prox Reader

Anodised and frosted natural aluminium finish with prox reader.

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CAME BPT MTM Digi Prox Video Intercom

HD resolution, digital display and satin aluminium for durability.

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Wireless Intercom

AES 603-AS DECT Wireless Intercom

Backlit LCD display on handset in modern blue illumination.

£865        Buy Now

4G Architectural GSM No Touch Audio Intercom

True HD calling in 4G Better sound quality in both directions.

£870        Buy Now

AES Praetorian IP Video Intercom System

Allows for visitors to leave a video messages when unanswered.

£2250       Buy Now

Praetorian IP Video Intercom with Keypad

Speak to your visitors from anywhere in the world and grant access via app.

£2490       Buy Now