How to Perform Security System Maintenance

You may have heard the phrase that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. In essence, the same could be said about the security system you have installed at home. Your system is only as strong as its weakest component.


Residents who fail to maintain their security system may pay a hefty price. It requires regular maintenance to ensure that it functions optimally. For instance, it may warrant a change of battery. We will look into the measures that inhabitants can take to keep their security system in working order.


Test the Control Panel

The control panel is the cerebral part of your security system. The signals transmitted by each sensor pass through it and it is able to interpret these signals and activate accordingly. Each panel is equipped with a test mode which is designed to run an automatic diagnostic as a maintenance measure.


If you not want to engage in a DIY activity and want to consult a monitoring service instead, then that can be arranged as well. Also, you must notify them in case you are planning to run the test mode diagnostic. This prevents any instance where the service may send police in case the alarm is activated during the test.


It is equally important to visually inspect the control panel and conscientiously examine it for any loose hanging wires or signs of potential damage.


Perform Regular Checks

Executing checks on a regular basis is beneficial as well. Home owners should inspect their house. For example, they may study the locks on all doors and windows. Additionally, checking the frames of each door and window to ensure that there is not warping or any other impact that would make foreign entry easier.


Seeing the sensors on every door and window is also an excellent ideal. Sensors are held together by adhesive, so they only require slight fastening from time to time. Also, wireless sensors are battery powered, which means their batteries may need testing and/or charging as well.


Inspect the Cameras

If cameras are included in your security and there are potent chances that they are, you may want to examine these regularly as well. Since cameras are vital when it comes to surveillance and recording footage, residents must check that they have adequate power and have not been vandalized by strangers or intruders. The recording device must also be checked since footage may be needed in the unfortunate event of a burglary.


Examine the Lights

Another important probe that home owners must make when verifying their security system is to see if all the exterior lights are in working condition. This is decisive to ensure that all lights attached to the security system are fully functional.


For instance, a strong breeze has the ability to cause security lighting to shift ever so slightly, which may entail that they are not aimed properly. A simple readjustment would suffice in this case to maximize their effectiveness.

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