• KP-160 PG2 Touch Screen Arming Station

KP-160 PG2 Touch Screen Arming Station

  • Description

    PowerG Wireless Two-way Keypad and Proximity

    Featuring a stylish design, graphical touchscreen and proximity tags, KP-160 PG2 is designed to maximize user experience while keeping price at bay. The large, icon-based display is clear and appealing, and the keypad replaces the need for costly keyfobs.

    The KP-160 PG2 is also suitable for use by children and elderly people. Using the decorative proximity tags, which easily fit on a keychain, any user – young or old – can easily arm/disarm the system, initiate fire and panic alarms and review the system status.


    KP-160 PG2 Features and Benefits:

    • Large touchscreen with graphical Icons
    • Easy and intuitive operation
    • Suitable for use also in working environments for employees to use their standard RFID card with the keypad
    • Sleek design
    • Superb value for price
    • Performs all common actions such as arming/disarming, initiating emergency, fire and panic alarms, controlling PGM outputs and reviewing system status
    • Wall-mounted or desktop use
    • Suitable for any home or small office
    • Up to 32 keypads in one PowerMaster system (up to 8 for PowerMaster-10 and up to 32 for PowerMaster-30)
    • Visonic’s PowerG RF technology
    • Extended range – Eliminates the need for repeaters
    • Robust and highly suitable for harsh environments
    • Provides user with feedback on commands
    • Prolonged battery life
    • Optional mains power allows always-on status display
    • Audible exit/entry warning (even when running on batteries)
    • Compatible with PowerMaster intrusion alarm systems
    • Alarm system control panel can be installed in a hidden location hard to
      find by intruders
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