• MCT-427 Wireless Smoke & Heat Detector

MCT-427 Wireless Smoke & Heat Detector


  • Description

    MCT-427 is a fully supervised wireless heat and photoelectric smoke detector that is compatible with PowerMax home security systems and other Visonic PowerCode™ wireless receivers. With a streamlined design that fits any residential or commercial application, MCT-427 has a significantly longer battery life of up to eight years, enabling easy and low-cost maintenance.


    By sensing rapid temperature changes in areas where they may occur, such as kitchens or attics, MCT-427 activates an alarm when the temperature reaches 60°C (140°F) and start increasing rapidly.


    The detector also achieves superior smoke detection sensitivity levels by providing early warning of a developing fire. When smoke is detected, MCT-427 issues a transmission with a loud-sounding alarm, making it impossible to miss any event.

    The detector also transmits supervisory reports, including battery condition, to the wireless control panel or receiver at regular intervals – ensuring system integrity and functionality at all times. MCT-427 is very easy to install with a simple wall or ceiling mount bracket.


    MCT-427 Features:

    • Modern design suitable for residential and commercial applications
    • Activates an alarm when the temperature reaches 60°C (140°F) and starts increasing rapidly
    • Loud (85db) alarm sound at 3m (10ft)
    • 5 or 8 years battery life (according to the battery type) and easy battery replacement
    • 3V lithium battery type
    • Internal sensitivity test button
    • Audio and visual sensitivity degradation indicators notify when the sensor needs to be cleaned
    • Simple wall or ceiling installation, with bracket
    • Back tamper
    • Fully certified by the most strict and demanding international standards for safety products in Europe (EN 14604) and USA (UL 268)
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