• Risco Wireless Curtain PIR Detector

Risco Wireless Curtain PIR Detector


  • Description

    RISCO Group’s 2-Way Wireless Curtain PIR Detector is designed for use in residential and commercial environments for the protection of windows and large glass doors. Incorporating unique Sunlight Protection technology, false alarms are greatly reduced. The Curtain Detector is easily installed on the wall adjacent to the window or with the supplied 90° bracket.


    • Selectable coverage range: 6m or 3m (20′ or 10′)
    • Mounting height: 1.8m to 3m (6′ to10′)
    • Sunlight Protection: white light from sun and headlights blocked by special mechanism
    • Designed for easy battery replacement by end-user
    • Includes 90° bracket for installation on left or right of window
    • True Temperature Compensation
    • Compatible with all RISCO’s 1-way and 2-way wireless systems
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