Should I Get a Burglar Alarm?

Should I Get a Burglar AlarmPicture this: it’s 2 A.M. in the night. You suddenly hear a sound coming from your lounge. Rubbing your eyes, you get out of bed and hear a loud crash. Fearing for your life, you wake up your wife and tell her in a hushed voice that there might be a burglar in your house. When you hear no more sounds for 15 minutes, you tiptoe outside while your wife dials 911. The burglar is long gone and your living room is completely trashed. The 50 inch LCD and the stereo system are missing, the drawers are upended and there’s chaos everywhere.

And this is why you need to have burglar alarms and wireless alarm systems in place!

Why Is a Burglar Alarm Important?

Times have changed and burglars of this century have become more cunning. In order to catch them in the act, homeowners need to use smart solutions. This is why the police recommend that homeowners should get a visual burglar alarm. It is one of the best home security measures because it allows homeowners to prevent the burglars from getting into their home and also catch them in the act.

To protect yourself, you should also consider installing CCTV cameras and external lights. This will scare the burglar, even before he steps up to your front door. According to crime statistics by Office for National Statistics, the number of homeowners installing burglar alarms has fallen down by 1%. While property crime has fallen steadily over the years, people still don’t feel safe in their home. An opinion survey revealed that even though the statistics show that crime rate has fallen, people still believe that it is rampant in their city.

The data itself is contradictory. Despite people believing that the crime rate is rising, they still do not take crime prevention measures.Now that you are aware of the statistics, let’s have a look at how a burglar alarm protects you and your family:

Houses with Burglar Alarms Are Not Targeted More Than Once

If a burglar’s first attempt to break into your house is thwarted by an alarm system, then he won’t make the same mistake again in fear of getting caught. You can rest easy that a repeat of this episode will not happen.

The Alarm Bells of Burglar Alarm Work as a Warning Sign

According to, an estimated 74% of burglaries are never carried out to completion, all thanks to an audible and loud alarm system. The sound usually startles the intruders and tells you and your neighbours that a burglary is in progress.

Keeps the Burglars Away

Advanced burglar alarm systems with CCTV cameras deter intruders from even stepping foot on your property.

Does this convince you as to why you should get a burglar alarm? Then visit Eagle Security Solutions and get your house a state-of-the-art burglar alarm with a CCTV camera. To know more about which type of alarm system is best for your house, call at 020 8853 0580.

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