• Wireless WatchOUT PIR

Wireless WatchOUT PIR With Installation


  • Description

    The Wireless WatchOUT™ has been redesigned to provide better than ever false alarm immunity using two PIR channels with two separate detection areas. Only when an intruder is detected inside both areas is the alarm triggered, eliminating false alarms from pets and reflections. The 2-Way Wireless model supports remote parameter setting and diagnostics.

    • Reliable PIR detection for outdoor areas
    • Two detection areas for superior stability
    • Adjustable wide angle coverage up to 12m
    • Optional 23m long-range lens
    • Pet friendly up to 45 Kg
    • Protective hood and IP65 environmental rating

    Model names:

    • RWT312 Wireless WatchOUT™ PIR
    • RWX312 2-Way Wireless WatchOUT PIR
    • RA300S Standard swivel for PIR & Wireless models (supplied with DT model)
    • RA300B Barrier swivel for installation 90 to the mounting surface
    • RA300P Pole adapter for professional installation on poles
    • RL312LR Long range lens for WatchOUT™ PIR & Wireless
    • RA300HS WatchOUT™ without electronics for “scarecrow” installation
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